Transition Coaching

A customized program is offered to each client based upon their individual needs. Linda collaborates with you to identify your goals and develop a plan of action to reach your full potential. She will serve as an objective guide and assist you as you explore your core values and beliefs and better understand the intended and unintended consequences of the choices you consider and make.

Retirement Coaching

Linda works with you to develop a plan to prepare those who are contemplating ‘retirement’, and to assist those who have already retired from their ‘traditional’ career adjust to a fulfilling life beyond ‘work’. She helps clients to identify new interests and passions and fulfill lifelong dreams.

Coaching Faculty at Colleges and Universities

Linda works with senior faculty at colleges and universities as they transition into retirement. They often have a financial plan, but lack a life plan. A major cost for institutions of higher learning is compensation (salaries and benefits often account for 60% of an institution of higher education’s operating budget). Some institutions are offering faculty financial incentives to retire as well as personal coaching sessions to help them address concerns and fears about retirement. Linda is often asked to be of counsel to individuals who want a confidential conversation with an objective individual who can answer questions about such transitions.

As a certified life coach with rich experience in working with senior professionals in higher education, Linda provides a safe haven for these faculty and their spouses to talk about the issues they face when considering retirement. She works with them to identify possible options for what the next phase of their life. It might include a new career, but more often it has to do with an unfinished life agenda that successful people have put off long enough.

Linda helps these valued members of the academic community appreciate that retirement is not about retiring from life, it’s about retiring the parts of your life that no longer serve you well. Retirement has become a career transition, and no longer a time when people stop to do nothing purposeful. Rather, it has become for many a period of renewal and exploration and for some work in the public interest that is rewarding in its own right.