Linda Bachrach's Strategic Coaching Helps You Attain Your Goals and Infuse Your Life with Passion

In uncertain times, and with life changes in the offing, having a strategic coach to help you consider your options is one of the best investments you can make.

  • After earning her Masters of Education, Linda worked with children with special needs in her early career and learned to develop her intuitive and compassionate right brain. She combines these skills with an analytic, focused problem solving approach.
  • As a successful multi-million dollar fundraiser for three nationally ranked universities and several non-profits, Linda can teach you how to successfully network, locate critical resources and job opportunities and prepare effectively for the all important interviews.
  • You're looking to unlock meaning and passion in your life - Linda's keen, kind and careful listening is a key to finding your passion.
  • Every day life presents challenges and opportunities. Linda's unerring ability to help you find humor and perspective in every day trials and tribulations makes this a rewarding and joyful process.
  • You may need help delineating your issues, step-by-step, to find a solution custom tailored to your needs - Linda's approach, honed through more than 30 years of successful fundraising and educating challenging kids, does just that.
  • Linda's empathetic, straight forward, non-judgmental interaction helps you focus on accomplishing your goals.
  • You need candor and honesty - Linda is forthright in her feedback to you.
  • Your passing fancies are crystallized by Linda into genuine ideas that help you transform your life.
  • You need the right network to jumpstart your career/life - Linda utilizes her vast network on your behalf...And helps you assemble your own.
  • Linda will help you hold yourself accountable to critical timelines and task completion.